May 17, 2010

Married to the Military Monday

So, it's been a little while since I posted. I have been feeling rather "sluggish," lately. I've been a bit down. Although, I have much to do, and nothing is waiting for me to catch up. Instead, things continue to pile up on me. Anyway, let's talk about the military.

The Good- We had the ship's picnic this week. It went surprisingly well. Of course, y'all know it wasn't the best food to eat, but it was free. The best part is that my Sailor got to have a short day at work. Wait... we spent the rest of the day running his errands that have been neglected due to his work schedule. Oh, well...we were still together.

The Bad- Well, the bad part about this week was packing my Sailors bags for another long trip. Packing his bags wasn't necessarily the bad part. In fact, I like doing things like that for him. It makes me feel like I am indeed a part of the military, and it's a gesture I do out of love for my husband. The bad part is letting him go again. Although he has had extremely long hours at work over the past few months; he has been home sleeping in our bed more often than not at all. So, I wasn't prepared for this again. You can never be prepared for leaving. My head just does not get along with my heart when I have to let him go.

I'll give you a little bit of Ugly this week- There are some members of our FRG (Family Readiness Group) that are just plain FAKE! I cannot stand it when a person pretends to be someone that they're not. Some of the ladies in the FRG group are nice to your face, and they gossip behind your back. There are a close knit group of leaders that go out to eat together and use the FRG funds for their own personal use. Luckily, most of these people will be leaving soon. Hopefully, some of us other spouses can step up to the plate and make the FRG meetings a lot better in the not so distant future. Some people really make it hard to be a Christian.


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  2. I have to admit that I pout when my husband is gone for work for a week. I can't imagine longer.

    Fake people, can't stand that.

  3. The FRG you have sounds terrible. I guess those are really just hit or miss, though. I'm sorry your man had to leave again. I hope he gets home to you soon!

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