June 7, 2010

Married to the Military Monday

Hey y'all. It's Monday..and I am still late getting this up. I have been so busy lately. Unfortunately, I am still not completely accomplished...at least not to the point where I feel satisfied. I know a lot of y'all can relate to that. Anyhow...let me get along with my rants,raves, and bragging.

The Good- I am sooo proud of my military man. He is doing some wonderful things right now. Of course, I can't give y'all the details right now. Just know that I am beaming with pride and admiration for this man. I am also very happy that the e-mail system came back up. I was missing him like crazy these past couple of days. Okay, I miss him all the time but; it's much easier when we can communicate.

The Bad- Well...this week the only bad I have to say is that he's not here with me....but, I haven't washed his pillow case yet, so I still smell him. Y'all know that's a good thing, (it's not gross.)

The Ugly- Well...I'm not calling any names, but some people that my husband has to deal with are dirt bags. He's smart though...he knows when to walk away.

That's all for this weeks edition of Married to the Military Monday.

Sweetheart, if you get the chance to read this... You make me so proud, and I am so very much in Love with you. I miss you.

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