October 19, 2010

Shrunken Apple Heads

A couple of nights ago we made some shrunken apple heads. I had some apples that were on their last leg, (and were almost apple cider,) but I decided to have some fun and have them turned into shrunken heads. If you've never made shrunken apple heads, their quite simple. I made one in elementary school. I turned her into an old shrunken head lady with white hair, a dress, and a few other additions...but let's get back to these shrunken heads. I'm jumping the gun here because the shrunken apple heads you see here are not done, and they won't be until for a few more days or so...but, I wanted y'all to see them and have time to get started on your own creations...So, let's begin with the prep work:

All you need is a bowl filled with water. Add some lemon juice and salt to the water.

Peel your apples and dip them into the water mixture to prevent browning and molding.

After your apples take a swim in the water mixture, give them a good drying off with paper towels, or whatever you have handy.

Then, grab your knife and some items you would like to use to decorate your apples. Toothpicks work great for carving. (Especially for children!)

You could use rice, peppercorns, cloves..anything you think would work for your apples. I got out a marker in case anyone wanted to draw their idea on the apple first.

Then, you just carve you some faces onto the apples. Make sure that you don't waste your time giving it too many details. These little guys are going to shrink to about half their natural size and the details will get lost in the wrinkles.

Here's some creations from my house:

(Pictured above) This interesting fellow is part Devil, part Jack O' Lantern, and part Vampire!
(check out his horns)

(Pictured above) This scary thing is a cat's skull!

(Pictured above) This is "Creepy Tiki"

(Pictured above) This is engraved with "Cross Bones."

After you carve these shrunken apple heads you'll want to give them another dunk into your water mixture to stop them from molding. They'll need several days to shrink. You can even set them outside on a deck or patio to help the process along. Stick them in a food dehydrator if you have one. When they're done you can glue hair on them or put a stick in them and add some clothes. These are just fun decorations and, as you can see...there's no right or wrong way to do it.

Have fun!

*Our shrunken heads have shrunk a good bit, but have a while to go. If you've made these before, or any other Halloween decorations for that matter, please link-up and show us! I would really like that!

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