January 31, 2011

Six Bags and Sulking!

       I know I have been missing from this place for SO long. I've actually missed it myself, but I wasn't sure how or when to jump back in...so to speak. Let's just talk about what I've been up to.
       For a while I was spending some well- deserved leave time with my Sailor. Those vacation days were suppose to consists of relaxing, and we were only suppose to do some fun things...take a vacation. We were suppose to sit around and do nothing...actually have a good two hours to watch a movie. We were suppose to spend some quality time together...Family Fun Nights...In short...He was suppose to leave work behind on his Leave time.

       Well, he did take leave...and this is what we did...we decluttered our home some more...We made several runs to the thrift store...He gave my Jeep the oil change he had been meaning to get to...He did all those wonderful things on his husband list...and most importantly...I washed uniforms, we made a deployment list...and, we packed his bags...

       Now, my Sailor is out there doing what he does best, and I have still not been here...blogging. Instead, I have been watching things not go as planned. You know how we military wives make all these plans to keep ourselves busy and occupied while our military men are gone?...I can't complain about this too much, because I have learned to do a few things over the years...fix a washing machine, a dishwasher, and a garage door, to name a few. Then, there are days like last Friday, you know, the ones where some driver is in a hurry to get some where, and side swipes your vehicle...Yeah, that happened to me. It was devastating to not be able to pick up the phone and call my husband.

     So, all the good things that I have thrown myself back into since my Sailor left, like working-out at the gym, have been put on hold for a couple of days. Of course, I'm a little crazy so,...I skipped Zumba today because my swollen foot and hurting back weren't feeling much like dancing...but, I managed to finally get myself outside for some much needed sunshine, and well-overdue yard work. The leaves had more than taken over my yard...They were my yard!...which brings me to the six bags part of this post...

These are the six bags of leaves we gathered today!
 We filled them up as much as we could!
Of course, you have to jump in them first...
...and make a big "splash"!
There was plenty of help with the leaves!
They helped haul off big loads!
 They took them to the bags for me!
Of course, this was no easy task!

There's plenty left to do tomorrow!
I hope my helpers are up for the job!


  1. Hi! I found you on Follow Me Back Tuesday. That is a lot of leaves! Glad you got a chance to jump in them first. LOL!
    :) Jan http;//www.jewelry4change.blogspot.com

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident! Yuck. I hope you feel better soon. Someone hit my car when J was deployed. I wasn't in it, but when I came out and saw the damage I was mad and sad that someone would do that and then drive off without letting me know. I wanted J home to kick some butt! haha