April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter. I had three spectacular church services today. Something exciting happened in each one...I am so lucky today. Even though my husband is still off on his long deployment, I have found reasons to enjoy today. Today is about Jesus, after all. He was definitely making waves at my church today. I attend a delightful church. It is non-denominational, and that place is one of the top things I will miss when we move. I don't just attend this church, I am actively involved in this church. I am a leader, I am a servant, and I am part of a family there. Speaking of which, this past Friday, (Good Friday/Earth Day) was my birthday. Today, I received a beautiful birthday card from a marvelous family. I wish you all could meet this family. I can promise you, they would definitely touch your lives. Anyhow, this card brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to me that these people think I am special too...I mean, I know that I am somebody...but, these people think the same way about me, that I do about them...God is good...So, I guess I just really started rambling there...I know there is a point in there some where...If  y'all can't find one, I will give you one...

April 6, 2011

Heinz Vinegar Coupon

It's time to print your Heinz vinegar coupons for your Easter eggs. There will be some sales on it this time of year. Speaking of this time of year...Is anyone else excited to have some Peep Wars?

                                        I know I am !