April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter. I had three spectacular church services today. Something exciting happened in each one...I am so lucky today. Even though my husband is still off on his long deployment, I have found reasons to enjoy today. Today is about Jesus, after all. He was definitely making waves at my church today. I attend a delightful church. It is non-denominational, and that place is one of the top things I will miss when we move. I don't just attend this church, I am actively involved in this church. I am a leader, I am a servant, and I am part of a family there. Speaking of which, this past Friday, (Good Friday/Earth Day) was my birthday. Today, I received a beautiful birthday card from a marvelous family. I wish you all could meet this family. I can promise you, they would definitely touch your lives. Anyhow, this card brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to me that these people think I am special too...I mean, I know that I am somebody...but, these people think the same way about me, that I do about them...God is good...So, I guess I just really started rambling there...I know there is a point in there some where...If  y'all can't find one, I will give you one...


  1. I'll always remember your birthday now..it's the same as my MIL's. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter! I'm so glad you had a good day.

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