April 6, 2011

Heinz Vinegar Coupon

It's time to print your Heinz vinegar coupons for your Easter eggs. There will be some sales on it this time of year. Speaking of this time of year...Is anyone else excited to have some Peep Wars?

                                        I know I am !


  1. Happy Easter season to you :) Have you been watching Extreme Couponing?! crazy.

  2. Thank you! I try to make a big deal out of all the holidays!

    Yes, I saw Extreme Couponing...I couldn't help myself. :) I think it gives a new meaning to the term "crazy coupon lady." hehehe

  3. Definitely!

    P.S.- J's toes are long and scary, too so our dear son will likely be blessed with that trait. haha

    Thanks for the comment. You are most welcome to wish your husband's deployment away. I'm ready to meet my little man already!