June 27, 2011

Kara Was There

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Moving to a new city was tough, but since my best friend Kara already lived there, that softened the blow a little bit. Kara was able to point us in the right direction when it came to homeowner’s insurance and a lawn maintenance guy and she told my husband and I about HOME-Alarm-Systems.COM as well. It’s been great having her here to introduce us to her network and because of Kara, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble at all finding a new group of friends. My husband and I love our new house and I can’t say enough good things about Texas already, so I’m really excited for the next few years here! Where we move is always up to the higher-ups at my husband’s job but as long as we’re together, both of us are happy. Well, that is, us together in addition to our lab mix, Corkie! Neither of us would go anywhere without her, even if it was the greatest city in the world!

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