August 12, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
It's time for MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. I am linking up with Wife of a Sailor. It's a great way for Military Spouses to visit each others blogs and get to know about each other. Each week Wife of a Sailor posts five questions for us to answer. We post them on our blog, and then go link-up to Wife of a Sailor's blog.

1) The best thing my parents taught me to do when I was a child was to be myself.

2) However, one thing I wish they did differently was help me out when I needed them the most.

3) One thing I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t is scuba diving in Belize.

4) One thing I never thought I’d try but I have is driving from Georgia to Chicago by myself.

5) If I could give my 16-year-old self one piece of advice I’d tell myself to believe in God, and believe in myself.

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