December 2, 2011

We Love Sons

Author: Elias Massey
When my husband lost his job in finance, we found ourselves desperately trying to find ways that we could save money. I started to color my own hair, I clipped coupons, and we limited eating out to only special occasions. We also decided, in an attempt to save money, to drop our direct tv down to basic programming. In doing so, we still retained our local channels including PBS, so we could still stay informed of the world’s happenings, and our daughter could still watch the few shows she enjoyed. All of this seemed like a good idea, until we realized our new package no longer contained the FX network. “What??” my husband screamed on a random Tuesday night. I came racing in the living room fearing a child injury! There stood my husband, remote in hand, scrolling through our on-screen guide. “You are trying to tell me that we don’t get FX anymore? This means no “Sons of Anarchy!” yelled my husband. This was all it took. By the next morning, my husband was on the phone amending our account back to its regular status. No job or not, we have to have our “Sons!”

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