January 10, 2012

Sex and the City

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

Let’s talk about Sex And The City again shall we? I feel like I bring this show up at least once a week but let’s be honest the show is amazing and must be talked about. I really wish that I would have had HBO in the very beginning when the show was really taking off. Everyone was running around town ordering cosmopolitans just because that is what the fabulous four drink on the show. To be fair, this is now my favorite drink so I am in no way pointing fingers at people who ordered them just to be more like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and, Miranda! I think that this show will live forever as an icon of all things single, fabulous, and New York. The clothes that the girls wear on that show were mostly cutting edge fashion especially with respect to Carrie and Samantha’s wardrobes. Every time I watch that show I see a new top or shoe that I would love to have even now that the show has been in reruns for ten years. Check out ExpertSatellite.com to find out when Sex And The City comes on in your area.

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