March 12, 2012

Internet deals for your small business

Thanks to Wm Rowe

It seems like these days everyone has their own business. If you go on Facebook at any given time of day or night someone out there is promoting their new business and asking you to “like” their fan page. It is kind of crazy how the recession starting in 2008 really jump started the small business boom in America. People started getting laid off from their jobs and instead of going back to corporate America they decided to branch out, take a risk and do their own things. I think it is really cool how many people in my small circle have their own businesses now. One thing that small business cannot thrive without is the internet. When I started a business many years ago the internet was not as prevalent as it is now. Recently I decided to shop around for some good internet and voice over IP rates and found I have been happy with their service and the price points seem pretty affordable as well. If you are considering opening your own small business make sure to check them out.

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