April 11, 2012

Living Alone

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

Living by myself has taken some getting used to. I have always lived with a roommate, so I have been a little lonely. Even thought my roommate was a pain sometimes, it was nice to have someone around. At least I knew if I screamed for any reason someone would hear me. I wanted to buy my own place because I thought it was a good financial decision, so hopefully it’ll all work out. I get scared when I hear little noises outside, so I decided to look into ADT Security St Louis. My home and my life mean too much to me to not at least try to protect myself. When I lived with a roommate I was looking forward to finally being on my own, but now I realize maybe I should have waited a while longer. I hear all of these terrible stories about things that happen to young women on their own, and it makes me wonder if one day one of those stories could be me. I know I am being a little paranoid, so hopefully the alarm will help with that.

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