May 21, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday

How was your weekend? Mine seemed to go by just a little too fast. After we were all sick for several days, we really wanted to have some fun times this weekend. After missing a birthday party last weekend, we were happy to make one this past weekend. We made some good memories and I'm looking forward to a three day weekend at the end of this week.

Let's start this week off right and get onto Muffin Tin Monday, shall we?

Here we have sliced strawberries and kiwi, spinach/artichoke dip, chocolate chip and oreo bites, carrots, celery, and grape tomatoes, mozarella and cheddar cheese and some butter crackers.

My husband enjoyed the same meal. He said that it was the best part of his day. Of course he had a little more than this. ;)

Oh, though it's not in the muffin tin this week I'm curious to know what you all think about Naked Juice. Have you tried it?


  1. Yum, it's been forever since I've had spinach artichoke dip. Great tin!

  2. This looks great! I love the dip!

  3. Love that your kidlet will eat spinach dip! Very nice healthy tin :)

  4. What a fun lunch! Thanks for the spinach dip idea!

  5. The 4M Project22 May, 2012 11:52

    Thanks y'all! All your comments make me feel good! :)

  6. Oh I love the muffin tin, it's like a healthy little buffet for one.

    I'm following ya now from Bloggy Moms and so look forward to more. I'd love it if you'd join me for the ride at The view is beautiful from atop this wave.


  7. Hiya. Found you thru the June Blog Hop on Bloggy Moms. :) Have followed and subscribed and liked and everything I could find. :)